What sports/extracurricular activities are available to the children?

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CCA offers extracurricular soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field. All students participate in the CCA Running Club and are encouraged to take part in our annual springtime “Where’s Franktown” run (1K, 5K, 10K and 15K). We also offer an Environmental Club which explores our own 50 acre property and pond. Other regular activities include: monthly field trips to all Ottawa museums and more, annual skate-a-thon on our CCA pond, ski trips, Terry Fox run, Upper Canada Village overnight trips, Camp IAWAH trips, CCA music festival, heritage day, overnight camp-outs on CCA property for grades 7 and 8, special grad year trips, Science Fair, Historica Fair, Public Speeches and Mad Science program. There is always something exciting happening at CCA!