How do your tuition costs compare with other schools?

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CCA has always been committed to affordable tuition rates.  It is our goal to try to keep CCA as affordable as possible; we are not aware of another private school with rates as low as ours.  When comparing, it is wise to also understand student-teacher ratios, programming, facilities, and how many grades are simultaneously being taught by one teacher. Briefly, CCA typically offers an 18:1 ratio or better in our upper grades (1-8), and a 9:1 ratio in kindergarten. Our programming includes daily French (with an Ontario certified teacher) from JK to grade 8, art and music/drama with specialized teachers, phys-ed, computers and monthly field trips/enrichment experiences. Our facility is new, cheery and clean! We are uniquely situated on 50 acres of wilderness with fields, trails through the woods, and a pond that brings science lessons alive and keeps skates well worn in the winter. We sometimes have split grades for grades 5/6 or 7/8. However, we do not have more than two grades together and we still separate these splits for core subjects like science and math. As a result, the student teacher ratio in these important subjects is typically 9:1. To clarify, a split grade of 5/6s would be together (i.e. all 18 students from both grades) for subjects like phys-ed, spelling, Bible, art, music.